Friday, November 20, 2009

Le Premier

As I stare at a list of the 1855 Classifications of Bordeaux, I start to daydream a way to procrastinate studying. And it comes to me after watching the inspirational movie Julie and Julia,
I will start a blog telling the world about the curious profession that is wine. All the perks and benefits along with the frustrations and time invested.
So here I am. For some reason, when the pressure is on, I never fail to collapse. When I was younger and had a photo shoot the next week, that cookie all of the sudden looked more appealing. Or lounging on the couch was much more enticing than a run on the beach. For example, I currently have the Top Sommelier competition in January and the Advanced exam soon to follow and I am choosing to write a blog.

However, this time I am going to use my distraction to benefit my studies. My goal is to write about and regurgitate what I learn, teach and taste. I figure the key to memorization is repetition and this will instill it in my brain. Not to mention that I hope that writing daily about my journey will keep me in check to learn something new every day.

I am aware that most people who read this will either be related to me or a childhood friend. But I still choose to remain nameless, simply because I can. Let the journey begin!

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