Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turkey Day Indulgence

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what we have and celebrate with our loved ones. Having missed most holidays due to the glorious hours of the restaurant industry, it was especially hard for me this year being my first time missing it in another city. Then I realized I was missing the point: Thanksgiving is about making new friends and family, just like our ancestors did when they first commenced this tradition. Which is precisely what we did ...

It was a brisk Chicago day outside, yet filled with warm laughter, food and wine...well the wine wasn't exactly served warm, it was just right. Here are some of the wines we shared with our delicious Thanksgiving spread; Godmé Champagne, a magnum of Bruno Paillard, Marcel Deiss Riesling, a magnum of Chateau de Beaucastel rouge, Chateau de Beaucastel blanc, Marcel Deiss Schoenenbourg Alsacian Grand Cru Edelzwicker, Vincent Girardin Savigny les Beaune 1er Cru Les Vergelesses, Marcel Deiss Altenburg de Burgheim, and last, but certainly not least,
Wegeler Estate Berkasteler Doctor Kabinett Riesling.

The star of the show for most of us was the Beaucastel Rouge, which complimented nearly every dish. Perhaps it was the allure of the magnum, they say bigger is better after all. The Beaucastel Blanc was my secret indulgence that I went back for seconds...twice. It was highly aromatic with a perfumy nose, bright acidity to cut through the fatty dishes and a finish that made this wino go back for more. It was perfect on its own yet a friendly pairing with all dishes. A close second for me was the
Marcel Deiss Schoenenbourg Alsacian Grand Cru Edelzwicker. It showed aromas of baked apple pie, macerated pineapples, canned peaches, lychee's and Grandma's baking spices. The hue was a golden yellow and the palate was off dry with a leesie quality that made for a perfect pairing. Like frosting on a cake, the wine was a better compliment to the food then on its own. Then again, I have never been much of a frosting kind of girl.

Although the day started as a blur of dissappointment being 1728.69 miles away from 'home' and family, the day ended with a smile. They say home is where the heart is and this heart has learned to appreciate where I am; making new friends, establishing my own family, tasting new wine and creating new memories. In the end, it was a very happy Thanksgiving indeed.

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